Largest outlet for Portuguese pottery opens in Valencia

by Lorraine Williamson
Portuguese outlet

VALENCIA – A Mercadoria will open its doors in Spain on today (Saturday). It is the largest outlet for Portuguese pottery sold by the kilo. The Valhalla for ceramics enthusiasts will be housed in Paiporta and has a floor area of 400 m2. 

If you are in Valencia and want to take something nice home with you, check it out. The exhibition and sales area is open to both professionals and individuals. The A Mercadoria brand is already very well known in other Spanish cities such as A Coruña, where it originates. Moreover, it already has ten stores across Spain. Two in A Coruña, one in Gijón, five in Madrid and one in Málaga, which opened in March last year. The grand opening of the store in Valencia will take place on Saturday, April 29. 

The store is the first of its kind in the Valencia region and is open from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm and from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm and on Sunday from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. 

Portuguese outlet has innovative concept

The outlet is known as heaven for Portuguese tableware at the best price. The concept is innovative: the pottery is sold per kilo. Portuguese ceramics are known to be of excellent quality and beauty. This outlet offers trendy products at low prices. Furthermore, A Mercadoria is a pioneer in Spain with the concept of selling per kilo. 

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The essence of A Mercadoria is that the company supplies a wide variety of products and displays thousands of them in its shop. The star product, however, is the crockery per kilo. Therefore, customers can combine them to their own taste for a price of €1.90 per kilo. The company insists that the products are good, beautiful and cheap. 

The low prices are possible due to the high turnover of the product. Every fifteen days a truck brings new goods. 

Usually A Mercadoria works with production surpluses or remaining stocks of signs made for major international brands that have not accepted them, for example, due to minor colour errors. 

Also other Portuguese products 

To make the opening even more special, the store has decided to bring various Portuguese products such as canned preserves, soaps, wine and other typical items to Valencia. This way they want to create a real “Portuguese market” and offer customers a selection of the best of the neighbouring country.  

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