Junta de Andalucia wants to protect bullfighting with special decree

by Lorraine Williamson
Andalucia bullfighting

The regional government of Andalucía has announced that it is preparing a decree in defence of bullfighting. The government, headed by Juanma Moreno, will promote the creation of both a network of bullfighting municipalities and the Andalucian Prize for Bullfighting by means of a decree.  

The initiative was announced on Saturday in the middle of the bullfighting season in the town of Ronda in Andalucia. It was aimed at protecting the fiestas from political and institutional attacks. And, furthermore, from the difficulties the sector is experiencing as a result of the crisis caused by the pandemic. 

Bullfighting in Andalucia

Neither the place nor the time of the announcement was left to chance. The announcement took place in the southern Spanish town of Ronda, which has a strong tradition of bullfighting. Moreover, it was also on the same day as one of the traditional bullfights. With this ‘coup’ the Andalucian government wanted to show its total support for this ‘Fiesta Nacional’. Several of Government members attended Saturday’s bullfight.

The new network of municipalities will serve as a support to promote and spread the culture of bullfighting. It will also guarantee the integrity of the bullfighting events in Andalucia, according to the government. Moreover, it will allow the programming and development of cultural and social activities related to the fiestas. Additionally the promotion of scientific, cultural and economic issues, will always be in accordance with the nature and capacity of the different municipalities, he specified. 

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Honorary prizes 

With regard to the prizes, Antonio Sanz said that they are honorary prizes intended to distinguish individuals or legal entities, both public and private, national or foreign, who have excelled in one way or another in the different artistic and cultural areas of bullfighting. Therefore, there will be different categories. 

We are working on a decree that will grant bullfighting awards for the first time’ that will recognise different aspects of the bullfighting universe, according to the Andalucian government spokesman. With this, ‘every year we want to draw attention to the figures or initiatives that stand out for the promotion of bullfighting,’ he added. 

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