Huge relief map of Spain on the kindergarten square is getting a makeover

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MALAGA – On the square of a kindergarten in Málaga you can admire a huge and striking map of Spain that was made in 1920. Because it is a relief map of the country, it is a real eye-catcher.

In December, this map, which many passers-by pause to admire, will be able to be admired in its former glory again after a thorough restoration. The 24 by 18 metre relief map has undergone several renovations over its hundred years of existence. The last procedure was done in 1998. Nevertheless, it was now high time for a new makeover. The Málaga Municipal Council awarded the restoration project to Quibla Restaura in May for a sum of €36,153, with the work expected to be completed in December.

New way of learming

The relief map of the Iberian Peninsula, the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and the former Spanish protectorate of Morocco dates from 1920 and was an initiative of General Enrique Cano, the military governor and mayor of that time. The aim was to let the schoolchildren of that time learn about mountains, rivers and seas in a new way.

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Rivers filled with water

According to the municipal council, the current intervention will respect the original appearance of the stucco relief, while also modernising the internal plumbing and electricity mechanisms to prevent leaks and water loss as much as possible. The map, which is also a heritage of the municipality of Málaga, contains a unique system of taps and canals that make the rivers of the Iberian Peninsula lifelike. Something that all children get very excited about. That is why a water recycling system is also installed.

Getting there

The school is located on Paseo Martiricos not far from the historic centre of Málaga, if you want to visit. This is located on the west side of the Guadalmina River just north of the Armiñán Bridge.


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