How a swimming pool increases the value of your home in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
the value of your home

In Spain, a swimming pool can increase the value of your home by on average up to 36.7%. This is apparent from a study by housing site Idealista. Of the houses that are now for sale on the online housing platform, only 19.6% have a swimming pool. 

The price differences are registered per region and per city. In the Andalucia region, the price difference between a house with or without a swimming pool is the largest. You pay around 64.4% more for a house with a swimming pool. This is followed by the region of Valencia (54.4%), the Canary Islands (52%), Extremadura (51.2%), Asturias (42.4%), and Aragon (40%). 

However, the price differences between houses with and without a swimming pool in Spain are not so great everywhere. In the Madrid region, for example, the price difference is limited to only 3%, followed by Cantabria (16.6%) and Navarra (17.7%). 

Price differences per city 

Furthermore, the price differences between homes with or without a swimming pool also vary per city. Furthermore, prices vary the most in the Catalan city of Lleida, about 62.5%. Followed by Burgos (60.3%) and Barcelona (58.8%). 

Barcelona v Madrid 

Compared to Barcelona, ​​Madrid’s figures are striking. With an additional cost of 6.8%, the Spanish capital is the city with the smallest price difference. This remarkable difference between the two cities can be explained by the fact that Madrid has been able to invest a lot in building projects with communal facilities in recent years. While Barcelona, ​​when setting up new projects, has to deal with the geographical limitation of the city and its location by the sea. 

After Madrid, the price difference is the smallest in Guadalajara where the houses with swimming pools are only 7% more expensive. Closely followed by San Sebastián (7.2%), Murcia (8.2%), and finally Seville (13.3%). 

Houses for sale with swimming pool by region 

Andalucia also tops the list when it comes to the percentage of properties for sale with a swimming pool (31.7%). Followed by the Canary Islands (29.2%), the Balearic Islands (28.6%), Valencia (27.5%), La Rioja (22.3%), and Madrid (21.5%). However, in the Basque Country (1.5%), Navarre (2%), Asturias (2.6%) and Galicia (4.3%) houses with swimming pools are less common. 

Alicante, the city with the most swimming pools 

In Alicante, 24.7% of the houses for sale on Idealista have a swimming pool. Followed by Logroño (20.1%), Ciudad Real (19.1%), Ávila (18.4%), Palma de Mallorca (18.1%) and Madrid (16.1%). Whereas, in Barcelona, ​​only 5.3% of properties for sale have a swimming pool. 

Virtually no houses with a swimming pool in Vitoria 

In the Basque town of Vitoria, only 0.1% of the houses for sale have a swimming pool. In Cádiz and Bilbao, this applies to 0.4%. And in Ourense and Soria, 0.6% of the homes for sale have a swimming pool. 

Increase the value of your property

As can be seen from the above information, having a swimming pool installed at your home in Spain can be an interesting investment. Especially if you extend the time you can use the pool by heating it with solar slats. This is an energy-efficient way of raising the water temperature by approximately 5 to 7 degrees. Another advantage is that your pool is immediately covered and therefore, less dirt gets in. Which in turn saves on cleaning. In addition, a cover with air-filled slats provides energy savings of up to 50%. This is because less evaporation occurs, which reduces the use of chemicals by 68%. 

To find out more about automatic pool covers in Spain check out the website of Dutch company, Dekobo. With over 10 years of experience in producing automatic swimming pool covers, they are the specialists. 

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