Hermane brings a unique mix of piano, synthesiser and gong to Málaga

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MALAGA – On Friday, December 22 at 7.00 pm, La Cochera Cabaret in Málaga will transform into a stage for a special music event. Hermane, a versatile artist, will give a unique piano, synthesiser and gong concert.

If you enjoy going to concerts and would like to experience something totally different from your standard rock-, blues- or tribute bands, you might want to attend this refreshingly distinctive one-man show. Hermane plays some of his beautiful compositions on the piano. Furthermore, to these he adds pulsating synth textures, vocal harmonies …and even a mighty gong!

Somewhere between Chopin and Vangelis

Hermane’s music doesn’t easily fit into any specific box. His compositions are inspired by great classical masters such as Chopin and Beethoven but also contemporaries such as Vangelis, Zimmer and Einaudi. Consequently, the result is a delicate and prodigious fusion of pop & soul songs, with gospel, flamenco, Latin and classical influences. All played live without using any backing tracks. Some songs, soft and meditative, trickle along as you dream away, others are bombastic and yet others will have you clapping along!

A journey through musical landscapes

Hermane is a very meticulous composer. He seeks to go beyond the typical “four repeated chords” that are so common in contemporary music. His goal is to create virtuoso pieces, endowed with a fragile beauty that moves the listener.

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His musical background is broad. He spent 30 years living in Latin America, the US, Eastern Europe and several African countries. In all of these places he was soaking up the traditional music of each country. Additionally,  several times during the concert he will comment on where and how a particular song came to life. Herewith, giving an insight into the creative process behind his kaleidoscope of sounds.

The entry fee is 12€, however if you´re quick you might still be able to get the “early bird” offer at half price. To find out more, visit his website www.hermane.info. You can find La Cochera Cabaret on Avenida de los Guindos 19 in Malaga.

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