Guardia Civil saves drowning swimmer

by Lorraine Williamson
drowning swimmer

MALLORCA – In a dramatic rescue operation, the Guardia Civil successfully saved a struggling swimmer from drowning off the coast of Porto Cristo, Mallorca.

The life-saving mission unfolded when members of the Guardia Civil’s Special Underwater Activities Group (GEAS), who had recently participated in the recovery of a body found near Cala Mendia, heard cries for help from people on the beach about a distressed swimmer battling the sea.

Concerned onlookers

Responding swiftly to the distress calls, the GEAS team, along with a local police officer from Manacor who happened to be on the scene, deployed a nautical club’s inflatable boat to reach the location indicated by the concerned onlookers onshore.

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Drowning swimmer rescued

One of the brave Guardia Civil officers courageously entered the water. Once he reached the man, he safely positioned the struggling swimmer face-up, before swimming him back to the inflatable boat.

At the time of the rescue, the swimmer was completely drained and on the verge of submersion. However, once aboard the boat, he was swiftly transported to the beach. There, he received immediate medical attention from ambulance services stationed at the nautical club.

This daring and life-saving operation once again highlights the dedication and readiness of the Guardia Civil in ensuring our safety.

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