Five injured in shooting in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
five injured as unborn baby dies

SABADELL – Overnight between Sunday and Monday, five people at an open-air party in the Spanish town of Sabadell near Barcelona were shot and injured. 

Among the victims was a seven-month pregnant woman who lost her baby as a result of a gunshot wound to her abdomen. The woman was later taken to the hospital in Terrassa with serious injuries.

Another victim was seriously injured after the gunman shot him four times. According to the newspaper La Vanguardia, he was rushed to Parc Taulí hospital in Sabadell. The other three victims suffered minor injuries, according to police.

The perpetrator is still being sought. Furthermore, the police do not rule out the possibility that it is a settlement between gangs.

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Weapon found in car

The girlfriend of the victim who was hit by four bullets has been questioned by the Mossos d’Esquadra. She explained the perpetrator is her ex-partner who was recently released from prison. However, a search of the woman’s vehicle revealed a weapon matching the calibre of the pods found on the ground.

It is currently unknown whether that weapon was fired. 

At the same time, the pregnant woman was treated on the N150, she was accompanied by three men with whom the police found €1,300 in cash. When it was warned the police were approaching, the car that was waiting next to the ambulance quickly fled. 

Other minor injuries

Three ambulances arrived to take care of the victims. One of the three minor injuries has been admitted to Santa Coloma hospital and another was able to go home after treatment. 

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