Family quarrel in Spain culminates in shooting with three dead

by Lorraine Williamson
scene of shooting

ARGAMASILLA DE CALATRAVA – A man has killed a local police officer and a farmer during a shootout on the outskirts of Argamasilla de Calatrava (Ciudad Real). Three other people were injured in the shooting. 

The gunman was later shot by the Guardia Civil in Ciudad Real, where he had been holed up. He is one of the three deceased. Sources at the Guardia Civil have confirmed this. The shooting happened on Wednesday at around 10.30 am. It took place on the road connecting Argamasilla de Calatrava to Villamayor de Calatrava, at kilometre 2.5 of the CR-4116. The deceased officer belonged to the local police of Argamasilla de Calatrava and the farmer is a tractor driver who did agricultural work in the area. 

The wounded 

The injured are the father of the man who started the shooting, a Guardia Civil officer and another local police officer. All three have been transferred to Santa Barbara Hospital in Puertollano. The seriously injured community officer is now out of danger. Also, the Guardia Civil officer is conscious and out of danger, according to police sources. 

The 81-year-old father of the aggressor suffered minor head injuries and bruises. Furthermore, he is conscious and out of danger. But he is under police observation. 

A family quarrel, the origin of the shooting 

According to police sources, the events took place after the 52-year-old gunman, a resident of Villamayor, argued with his father at a farm. A neighbour tried to mediate between the two. But he was shot by the son with a large-calibre rifle with a telescopic sight. Moreover, the weapon was capable of piercing body armour and vehicle plates. Consequently, the neighbour died on the spot. 

The subsequent mobilisation of several patrols of the local police and the Guardia Civil was met with gunshots. Two local police officers were injured (one of whom died instantly) from shots fired at them by the aggressor.

According to the same police sources, during the police intervention, it was possible to reach the injured and determine that one of the local police officers had died. The same was true of the first injured person who had mediated in the family conflict. The gunman also injured one of the Guardia Civil officers who tried to reach the house on foot. A little later, it was established via drone images that the gunman was motionless on the ground and also appeared to have died. 

Shots fired by big game hunting rifle 

The big game shotgun used by the aggressor is a 30-06 calibre Remington with a telescopic sight and a range of up to 500 metres. The gun belonged to the father. 

The mayor of Villamayor, Juan Antonio Callejas, also confirmed in statements to Europa Press that an argument between a father and a son led to the shooting. Flying bullets also hit several vehicles. 

Three days of mourning 

Three days of mourning have been declared in Argamasilla de Calatrava. And, furthermore, 5 minutes of silence will be held. 

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