Extreme heat and severe storms with possible hail in Valencia

by Lorraine Williamson
extreme heat

COMUNIDAD DE VALENCIA – Aemet deteriorates the forecast for the Valencia region. Here the weather alert red (extreme risk) now applies to the coast of the province of the region of Valencia for both extreme heat and severe storms with possible hail. 

Temperatures can reach 44 degrees in the middle of the day. In the latest update of the Spanish weather agency’s forecast for this ‘Puente de Agosto’, the indications for the city of Valencia have deteriorated significantly. Where previously maximums of 40 degrees were predicted, this has now changed to 44 degrees in the shade. On Friday, Aemet warned that it will be “the hottest day of summer”. In Xátiva the record fell to 45 degrees Celsius. But not all predictions are focused on extreme heat. Severe storms are also expected with very strong gusts of wind and even hail. 


Saturday started slightly cloudy. Clouds will increase as the day progresses and so will the chance of rain. Scattered showers and storms can occur in the evenings. Especially in the interior of the provinces Castellón in Valencia. Locally, these can contain very strong gusts of wind. Therefore, the entire province of Alicante and the entire coastline south of the province of Valencia will be code red for both extreme heat and these storms. 


The mercury drops on Sunday but remains very hot. The coastal zone of Valencia is given code orange by Aemet and to the south of it, it is code yellow. Occasional scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely to be expected in the afternoon, preferably in Castellón in Alicante. Aemet also warns of the chance of a light calima, Sahara sand in the air. 

From Monday, the temperature will slowly decrease further and the weather will become calmer again with a maximum temperature of 31 degrees on Thursday, more than 10 degrees less than this weekend. 

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President warns of heatwave bans 

Ximo Puig, the president of the region, gave a press conference about the extreme weather situation and the forecasts after a meeting with his ministries of Health, Emergency Situations and Environment. He announced measures, bans and recommendations in light of the heatwave and storms. 

Forest fire prevention 

In light of the extreme risk of forest fires due to high temperatures, several nature parks have been closed that can be subject to extreme situations. Working on forest land is suspended as well as barbecuing within a radius of 500 metres from forest area. There is also a suspension of any sports permit granted on forest land. 

The Generalitat’s firefighting planes will carry out water-laden preventive surveillance routes. The provincial fire brigade combinations will maintain their supplies and the Emergency Relief Coordination Centre recommends special vigilance to all municipalities. Moreover, it is now forbidden to make any kind of fire. All forms of fire and fireworks and waste disposal are prohibited. 

Tips against the extreme heat 

Puig warned to be extra vigilant with children and the elderly. He advises people not to expose themselves to the sun, to wear light clothes in light colours and eat light meals and drink at least 2 litres of water per day. He also avoids prolonged physical exertion. Never leave children or animals in a locked vehicle. Make sure they drink enough. 

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