Extra protection for Spanish police after terrorist threat

by Deborah Cater
Spanish National Police respond to terrorist threat

MADRID – Online Manhattan Wolves Magazine offers $60,000 bitcoin reward for anyone who kills an agent from a western country. The Spanish Policía Nacional calls on all anti-terrorist services to take additional protective measures.

Affiliated with Al Qaeda, the Manhattan Wolves Magazine is an online magazine. The Government Information Service CGI of the Policía Nacional in Spain picked up the message.

$60,000 reward for murder of western cop

According to the Policía Nacional, the first issue of the online magazine written in Arabic offers the $60,000 reward. Jihadist websites distribute the magazine with the message and encouragement to carry out attacks mainly in the name of Al Qaeda.

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Lone wolfs incited to mass demonstrations

The second issue of the online magazine encourages so-called ‘lone wolfs’ to instigate mass demonstrations in response to various (political) events in Western countries; for example, election results in the United States or the yellow vests in France.

A lone wolf is a person who, as a form of terrorism, prepares and commits violent acts on his own. They act outside any chain of command and without material assistance from any group or organisation of co-perpetrators or direct instigators. Often these lone wolfs are urged to take these kinds of actions based on certain beliefs.

Urgent advice for extra protection against terrorist threat

Agents from western countries, especially those engaged in counterterrorism, advise maximum protection against this terrorist threat. Warnings of both calls from Al Qaeda, causing mass demonstrations and killing Western agents, have been circulated among various anti-terrorism teams within the Policía Nacional.

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