Ex-King Juan Carlos on his return to Spain: “King Felipe has no idea”

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ex-king Juan Carlos I

More than a year after his departure to Abu Dhabi and amid the controversial publication of his memoir, King Juan Carlos I would be closer than ever to returning to Spain. A few days ago, those closest to him revealed that the emeritus would return to Spain in November.

Gustavo González confirmed this Friday in ‘Save me’ that King Juan Carlos will return to Spain on November 15. He will do so to meet some good friends at a hunting farm in Ciudad Real. “He is not hunting, but he likes the environment,” explains the collaborator after emphasising his security has already inspected the farm where the monarch is going to settle on his return.

It would be an express visit that would last only “about five or six days”. It could be the first of many that the emeritus plans to make in the coming months. Ex-King Juan Carlos also has in mind to spend some Christmas days in Spain, despite the fact that he does not have a close relationship with his son.

King Felipe has no idea of his father’s plans

Regarding the latter, the collaborator of ‘Save me’ insists King Felipe VI would not be aware of his father’s intentions. Nor of the alleged visits the former King of Spain made a few months ago and that ” they were carried out under the strictest discretion.”

“King Juan Carlos believes his son could have done something else to help him. His relationship is distant now,” the journalist said on the Telecinco afternoon program. The truth is the file of the proceedings opened against Juan Carlos I clears the way for his return. Of course, as indicated by his closest allies to ‘El País’, Juan Carlos will not travel to Spain if this is a real headache and damages the public image of the Crown.

Juan Carlos I told the French journalist Laurence Debray, that he really wants to return to Spain. In the biographical book, the monarch insists his flight from Spain was not how he imagined. They had wanted to go to Portugal. He managed to get away from the media spotlight and believes that he did the right thing.

“He faced a lot of pressures. From here I do not bother the crown, “he assures. In his conversations with the French writer, the emeritus is folksy, with a lot of nostalgia for Spain. He also does not hide that he feels hurt with his son, with whom he has few dealings. In fact, he reveals that Felipe didn’t even congratulate him on his 83rd birthday.  

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