Drug gang cocaine distribution network in Spain disbanded

by Lorraine Williamson
cocaine distribution

MADRID – The Spanish police have broken up a large cocaine distribution network that was active in various places in Spain. Twelve people were arrested in the raids and 600 kilos of drugs, weapons and cash were seized.

This operation was carried out last weekend by the Spanish police collaboration with the Colombian National Police. The Spanish news channel El Español wrote on Sunday that the Policía Nacional had simultanously planned raids in several places in Spain in order to roll up the network.

Hundreds of kilos of drugs, weaponscars and money intercepted 

The operation, took place in the provences of Badajoz, Guadalajara, Madrid, Málaga and Valencia. Resulting in 12 people arrested and a total of more than 600 kilos of cocaine found and seized. Several containers were emptied by the police with large quantities of drugs packed in boxes.

Cogesa Expats

The police also seized several weapons, €700,000 in cash and some 20 luxury cars, including a Ferrari. The cars had cleverly built-in compartments to transport the drugs. The drugs were kept in various houses and  apartments spread over the Spanish provinces.

Largest cocaine distribution network in Spain 

The Spanish police speak of this as the largest cocaine distribution network in Spain. The gang funneled large quantitites of hash and cocaine to Central Europe and the Netherlands. They bought up hemp plantations in various places in Spain. Furthermore, with this income they could finance the smuggling to other places in Spain and abroad.

Research into this network started in early 2020 in both Madrid and Marbella. The Moroccan leader of the gang is known internationally as a `drug lord´. Additionally, he was in contact with Moroccan and South American drug organisations. Among the detainees is a person who provided legal aid and advised the gang on money laundering. They also carried out transactions themselves.

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