Documentary in preparation about the work and life of Prime Minister Sánchez

by Lorraine Williamson
Pedro Sánchez documentary

Two weeks ago, the recordings started for a four-part documentary about the life and work of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. The series will mainly take place in the Moncloa government palace, but the program will also include recordings at the Prime Minister’s home. 

An atmospheric image of the prime minister’s private life will also show his wife. However, the two daughters of the couple will remain out of the picture. That was the only firm demand that Sánchez made when he promised to cooperate on the documentary. 

No political promotion campaign 

Director Curro Sánchez Varela of the documentary informed the Spanish newspaper ABC that a number of recordings have already been made in the private sphere of the Prime Minister. Varela, son of flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucía, who died in 2014, confirms that the documentary may be broadcast around the next elections. However, he firmly denies that the recordings are intended to support the PSOE campaign. The next national elections will be held by the end of 2023 at the latest. 

The leading role in the documentary is reserved for the Spanish prime minister. But other government employees will also be reviewed. This includes Sánchez’s closest advisers, former prime ministers, and a number of his ministers. Furthermore, the emphasis is explicitly not on private life. But it will be shown how the head of government balances work and private life. Initially, Sánchez had his doubts about a possible documentary about his person. However, the examples of the series about Barack Obama and Manuel Macron helped him over the line. 

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Work and a little private 

In addition to a working impression of the Prime Minister and his employees, interviews are also held in the Spanish documentary. The viewer not only gets acquainted with Sánchez the prime minister but also with Pedro Sánchez as a person. The content of the series has nothing to do with political propaganda, documentary maker Varela repeatedly reminds the press. The intention is not to convince people of anything. It is more to show the ins and outs of the Moncloa government palace.  And moreover, the decisions that are taken in this and previous reigns. 

Last Thursday, the series was filmed during the Prime Minister’s visit to a reception centre for Ukrainian refugees in Pozuelo (Madrid).

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