Criminal gang in Elche dismantled for defrauding social security to regularise Moroccan immigrants

by Lorraine Williamson
Elche criminal gang busted

ALICANTE –  A criminal gang in Elche has been dismantled by the Policia Nacional. Furthermore,125 people including employees of a law firm have been arrested.

In the Alicante town of Elche, the Policia Nacional has dismantled a criminal gang. This organisation created fake companies in order to regularise migrants and defraud the Social Security system.


Over 100 police officers were involved in the investigation. And as a result, 125 people allegedly involved in the organisation that operated throughout the national territory with the collaboration of a law firm have been arrested.

These 125 people allegedly involved in a criminal organisation used cryptocurrencies to launder the profits obtained from their illicit activity.

Home searches

Twelve home searches have been carried out. These resulted in the following findings;

  • €124,000 in cash
  • Four high-end vehicles
  • Five computers and equipment
  • a cryptocurrency mining farm
  • €112,000 in virtual currencies that the business network used to launder the profits obtained from your illicit activity


Meanwhile, on the same day in Granada, more than €170,000 in cryptocurrencies have been blocked

Cogesa Expats

The Policia Nacional dismantled another criminal organisation. This time, they had “hacked” computer systems of public institutions.

Falsified documentation

They got into servers of public institutions and changed the direct debit of the largest payrolls. Then they diverted the payment to two accounts opened with falsified documentation. Furthermore, the money they swindled reached a figure of over €53,000.

Three searches have been carried out at homes in Madrid, where the following was seized;

  • four high-end sports vehicles valued at more than €450,000
  • 30 computer devices
  • €70,000 euros in cash
  • 400 “wallet” type debit and credit cards

During the investigation, eight young people have been arrested in Madrid. The operation is still open and has been coordinated by the Computer Crime Service of the Granada Provincial Prosecutor’s Office

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