Criminal gang dismantled in “Operation Sugar”

by Lorraine Williamson
operation sugar

MADRID – As part of “Operation Sugar”, Policia Nacional has dismantled an organisation that intended to introduce sugar-impregnated cocaine into Spain.

“Operation Sugar” – a joint investigation involving the Spanish National Police, the French OFAST, and the Colombian National Police has been successfully carried out. Eighteen people in 3 different countries have been arrested so far.

Furthermore, the joint operation has dismantled a criminal organisation that intended to introduce sugar-impregnated cocaine into Spain.


They planned to establish a clandestine laboratory in Spain to make the “sugar”.  Furthermore, several members of the organisation who were classed as expert “cooks”, had travelled from Colombia.

In Madrid, 5 people have been arrested. Allegedly, they were in charge of setting up the laboratory and separating the cocaine from the sugar. Furthermore, another 2 have been arrested in Barcelona. They acted as contacts for the former during their stay in the area.

Moreover, 22 tons of sugar contaminated with cocaine have been seized. This was found in a container that left Colombia. The final destination was to be at the French port of L’Havre. However, it was intercepted by the French police on a ship just outside of Paris.

Operation Sugar

In the “sugar” operation, another 10 people have been arrested in France and one more in Dubai. This is where the alleged leader of this French-Colombian drug trafficking organisation was located.


Eighteen arrests have been made;

  • 5 in Madrid
  • 2 in Barcelona
  • 10 in France
  • 1 in Dubai

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