Code red due to snowfall up to 40 centimetres on Mallorca

by Lorraine Williamson
snow on Mallorca

MALLORCA – Except for Extremadura, an alert applies to the whole of Spain due to cold, snow, strong winds, rain and coastal phenomena. The risk is extremely high in the Balearic Islands due to snowfall at sea level and waves of 15 metres. 

Code red also applies to the province of Guadalajara. This is to warn of temperatures of up to 15 degrees below zero in some municipalities. In Mallorca snowfall is expected up to 40 centimetres from an altitude of 400 metres, especially in the Sierra de Tramuntana and temporarily in lower areas even to sea level. The town of Valldemossa on Mallorca is located at 400 metres and is covered with a layer of snow (see the photo on this page). 

Extremely high waves 

At the same time, warnings from the Spanish weather service Aemet apply to the islands due to severe weather along the coasts that leads to extremely high waves and wind gusts of up to 90 kilometres per hour and waves of 8 metres high with outliers of up to 15 metres high. In addition, precipitation is expected here of up to 100 litres per square metre within 12 hours in certain places in the north of Mallorca. 

Code red in Castilla-La Mancha 

Code red also applies in Castilla-La Mancha due to icy cold. Here the mercury could drop to 15 degrees below zero, especially in municipalities such as Molina de Aragón and other places nearby. However, Aemet does expect that this cold will not last long. 

Code orange for Catalonia 

Code orange applies to Catalonia due to snow, wind, cold and coastal phenomena. Snowfall of up to 5 centimetres is expected in this region within 24 hours at altitudes from 400-500 metres in the mountains south of the Pyrenees and the Pyrenees themselves. Furthermore, it will also snow at other altitudes closer to the coast. Along the coast of the provinces of Girona and Tarragona, wind gusts of up to 80 kilometres per hour. Waves of between 4 and 6 metres high are also expected. 

Aragón and Castilla y León are also warned with code orange due to cold, wind and snow showers. However, here, Aemet expects the situation to improve by noon. In the province of Burgos, 2 centimetres of snow is expected in 24 hours in higher areas. 

Code yellow in other parts of the country 

Code yellow also applies to cold, rain and snow for the regions of Asturias, Cantabria, Galicia, Madrid, Navarra, La Rioja, the Basque Country and the Valencia region. In Andalucia and Murcia, the situation will soon improve. Meanwhile, in the Canary Islands, code yellow is activated due to coastal phenomena during the day. 

Storm Juliette 

AEMET spokesperson, Rubén del Campo, explained that “Juliette” blows very cold air from high latitudes to the peninsula. On the other hand, an anticyclone located north of the British Isles will generate a corridor of very cold winds. These caused a remarkable drop in temperature on Monday. In addition, the severe weather was accompanied by snowfalls in the northern half that are even at sea level. And that they will be “particularly important” in the Balearic Islands, where the risk will be extreme. 

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