Castile and León closes indoor catering establishments

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Restaurants in Segovia, Castile and León who will only be able to use outdoor spaces agan

In the five large and sixteen smaller cities of Castile and León region, bars and restaurants have to close their interior spaces. The closure is for at least two weeks as the covid-19 incidence has risen above 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

From Tuesday 6 April, in the provincial capitals of Segovia, Valladolid, Burgos, Soria and Palencia, customers can only use the terraces. Last week, the sub-board announced that with an incidence of more than 150, all indoor areas of bars, restaurants and gambling offices must close. All gyms and shopping centres, on the other hand, will remain open.

In the city of Burgos, 365 people per 100,000 inhabitants tested positive in the last fourteen days. In Palencia the number was 245, Segovia 490, Soria 326 and Valladolid 154. As a result, the indoor catering areas must close again. They only reopened at the beginning of March at a third of the capacity.

Sixteen other municipalities affected

In sixteen other municipalities with more than 5 thousand inhabitants in Castile and León, the said interior spaces will close. In the province of Burgos, these are Miranda de Ebro, Medina de Pomar and Briviesca. For Palencia province, these are Aguilar de Campo, Villamuriel de Cerrato, Cervera de Pisuerga, Venta de Baños, Villablino and La Pola de Gordón. In the province of Salamanca, these are the cities of Carbajosa de la Sagrada, Santa Marta de Tormes and Villamayor. For Segovia the measure applies to Riaza and El Espinar, in Valladolid to Tudela de Duero. Finally in Soria, El Burgo de Osma must close its interior spaces. Only in the provinces of Zamora and Ávila can the interior spaces of the catering industry remain open.

The measure does not apply to cities with less than 5 thousand inhabitants. The region’s perimeter lockdown will certainly remain in effect until May 8, when the current state of alarm ends.

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