Andalucia and Madrid measures easing thanks to vaccination advances

by Lorraine Williamson
measures easing

Andalucia and Madrid are easing measures in the catering, entertainment, and leisure sector. The catering industry in Andalucia can stay open longer, and Madrid expects to see more guests in restaurants. 

These relaxations have everything to do with the more favourable corona figures and the progress of vaccination in both regions. The Spanish Ministry of Health presented the most recent figures on Tuesday evening.  Results showed more than 76% of Madrilenians have already been fully vaccinated. And in Andalucia, that percentage is already above 80%. 

Easing measures in Andalucia depending on risk level 

Juanma Moreno agreed on Tuesday with easing measures in Andalucia. However, the relaxations depend on the risk level in which an area is qualified. View the current risk levels per municipality in Andalucia here. 

Relaxations to be expected in Andalucia

Currently, bars and restaurants are allowed to serve their guests until 1.00 am. The closing time has now been extended to 2.00 am. And eight people can now sit at a table here. Furthermore, people can now again enjoy a snack or drink at the bar in catering establishments in level 1 areas. Also, nightlife venues may continue to receive people with effect from Thursday until 3.30 am. But must stop serving drinks from 3.00 am. 

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During the announcement of the relaxation in Andalucia, the regional president seized the opportunity to advise all residents of the region that they can now get vaccinated without an appointment. He mainly focused on youth older than 12 years. Although the vaccination rate in this Spanish region is high, 900,000 Andalucians are still unvaccinated. 

Events and celebrations are allowed indoors with up to 250 people in Level 1 areas and up to 200 people in Level 2 qualified areas. Amusement parks, funfairs, and similar events are now allowed to remain open until 2 am. At the moment, 40% of the capacity is allowed for First División football matches. However, a decision will be made on Wednesday as to whether this can be expanded. 

Moreover, the corona figures in Andalucia are decreasing further every day. This region also left the extreme risk phase on Tuesday with an average of 237 corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the past 14 days. 

Madrid to meet on Wednesday to discuss easing measures

In Madrid, regional president Ayuso will announce relaxations within the catering and entertainment venues this Wednesday. It is expected catering owners will soon be able to expand their maximum capacity in terms of guests. Also, the cultural sector will soon be able to receive more visitors. However, which measures Madrid will relax will not be announced until during the course of Wednesday. 

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