What does Spain think after 7 years of Felipe VI as Spanish head of state?

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King Felipe VI - 7 years as king

Felipe VI celebrates his seventh anniversary as King of Spain on Saturday, June 19. Although there is always something to criticise about a head of state, most Spaniards look back  positively on the reign of their Spanish king.

A Metroscopia survey concluded 74% of Spaniards believe the king is “performing his duties properly”. However, 22% of the Spaniards surveyed do not agree.

Who completed the survey about the Spanish head of state?

1,300 Spaniards entitled to vote gave their opinion by telephone on 9 and 10 June. They were questioned on twelve points regarding the kingship of Felipe VI. As well as three out of four Spaniards being satisfied with the past 7 years, nine out of ten Spaniards also agree Felipe is well prepared and qualified for the position he holds.

Eight out of ten Spaniards think he makes sufficient efforts to defend Spanish democracy, he represents the State well and acts as a good mediator between various government institutions. That is, as far as he is allowed to.

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Has Felipe VI acted correctly after incidents emeritus king of Spain?

78% of the participants see the Spanish king as someone who inspires and you can trust. The survey also talks about his father, Juan Carlos I. When asked whether Felipe VI acted correctly after his father was discredited, 66% agree. 28% think he should have acted differently. The remaining percentage voted neutral on this point.

Spanish people doubt Leonor will succeed her father 

When asked about whether Letizia performs her duties as queen well, 65% agreed. Participants were also asked about the future of the monarchy: Do they expect daughter Leonor to succeed King Felipe VI as queen in due course?

65% of Spaniards expect this to be the case and 27% think not. 83% of Spaniards expect Leonor to be well prepared as the new head of state in the coming period, should the moment present itself.

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