Unprecedented amount of seaweed washes up on beaches in Cadiz

by Lorraine Williamson

LA LÍNEA DE LA CONCEPCIÓN – An unprecedented amount of seaweed has washed ashore in the east of the Spanish province of Cádiz (Andalucia). It is estimated to be about 15,000 kilos. For local authorities, that amount is a major problem. 

The washed-up seaweed covers large parts of the beaches of La Linea de la Concepción. This is the municipality that borders the British territory of Gibraltar. Moreover, the seaweed creates an unpleasant smell. In addition, it can block access to the beach and be dangerous for swimmers. 

Although seaweed is not normally considered harmful, it can cause problems in large quantities. It can affect water quality and even threaten the flora and fauna in the area. 

EuropaSur writes that local authorities are busy cleaning up the washed-up seaweed. This is mainly done by hand because machines are not suitable for removing the seaweed from the beach without causing damage. 

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Cause still unknown 

It is still unclear why such a large amount of seaweed has washed up in the region. It may have to do with climatic factors or the accumulation of nutrients in the sea. In recent years, several Spanish coastal areas have had to deal with large amounts of seaweed washing up. This not only has consequences for tourism but also for nature and the local economy. 

The city council points out that this is the second incident of this type in just two months. Beach clean-ups also had to be carried out in February, removing approximately 30 tonnes of algae from this coastline.  

The local authorities hope that the seaweed cleanup will be completed soon and that measures will be taken to prevent future problems. In the meantime, the beach is still open to visitors, but it is advised to exercise caution and follow the instructions of the authorities. 

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