Two dead and 16 injured in Seville road accident

by Lorraine Williamson
road accident Seville

SEVILLE – Two people have died, and a further 16 were injured this morning. This follows a road accident when a bus overturned in Pedrera, Seville.

Of the 16 injured, 3 are in a serious condition according to the Junta de Andalucia. These 3 people have been taken to Osuna hospital. The remaining 13 suffered minor injuries. Consequently, 6 have been evacuated to the Pedrera health centre and the other 7 to Estepa.

Bus overturned in Seville road accident

Police are investigating the accident which happened just before 7.00 am this morning on the A-8327 highway, when the bus carrying workers overturned. The circumstances as to how the incident occured are as yet unknown.

The health services continue to investigate the incident, together with members of the Local Police, Guardia Civil and Firefighters of the Diputación de Sevilla with the Estepa and Osuna parks.


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