Torrevieja hit by heavy rain and flash floods

by Lorraine Williamson
rain Torrevieja

ALICANTE – Heavy rain and flash floods continue in various areas throughout Spain with 52 litres per square metre falling in Torrevieja in less than an hour.

Last night firemen (Consorcio Bomberos Alicante) were among those trying to help drivers who were being pulled along by the downpour. They carried out several interventions throughout the Alicante Province.

Sudden rain in Torrevija

This video of the heavy rain and floods taken in Torrevieja was shared by the Bomberos on Twitter.

As reported by local weather information organisation, Proyecto Mastral, streets were turned into rivers in Torrevieja after registering a strong downpour of rain that left 52 litres of water per square metre in under an hour.

Consequently, there were many incidents reported due to the accumulation of water in such a short time.

Cogesa Expats

Torrevieja city centre was hardest hit by the rain

Rain data collected tonight by the weather stations show the centre of the city was the hardest hit.

Torrevieja rain


The rain caused serious problems in the centre, especially the Paseo de Los Hippies. The sellers there had to get into the water to save their merchandise.

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