Storm and hail in Spain with the arrival of a DANA

by Lorraine Williamson

MADRID – Heavy rains and possible hail, accompanied by storms, will cross Spain on Tuesday and Wednesday due to a DANA (high-level isolated depression). The situation is expected to last until Thursday when the storms will also hit the Balearic Islands. 

Following the weather forecast of the Spanish meteorological agency Aemet, Madrid activated the pre-emergency level due to the flood threat on Wednesday. Heavy rains in large parts of the interior of the peninsula will take the form of hail in some places. 

Thunderstorms and strong gusts

This precipitation will be accompanied by thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind. Showers inland are expected to be more frequent in the afternoons due to the impact of higher daytime temperatures. 

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Aemet also expects the most intense rainfall to occur in the provinces of Cuenca, Guadalajara, and Zaragoza. In the course of Thursday, the chance of more heavy showers will shift to the northern half of the peninsula. However, the bad weather should leave the far south of the country untouched. 

Balearic Islands

As for the Balearic Islands, the rains are expected to be more intense on Thursday, probably during the day. Especially in the northeast of Mallorca and possibly Menorca due to the presence of a small area of ​​low pressure around the islands. 


With regard to the evolution of this unfavourable meteorological situation, the models indicate that from Friday the DANA will weaken. Because by then, it will be integrated into the general atmospheric circulation, which moves away from the peninsula. 

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