Spain abolishes Covid passport for travellers from European and Schengen countries

by Lorraine Williamson
Schengen countries no checks

MADRID – Spain will no longer subject travellers from the European Union or Schengen associated countries to health checks, the Official Journal (BOE) reported on Thursday. 

However, checks on travellers from non-EU or Schengen countries will remain in place. The Directorate General of Health of the Spanish Ministry of Health published a resolution on Thursday. This was regarding health checks that must be carried out from now on at the points of entry into Spain. These include entry either by air or by sea. Furthermore, it is in order to prevent the spread of infections caused by Covid-19. 

Controls for these travellers 

This resolution maintains controls for travellers who are not from the EU or Schengen countries. Moreover, this could include at least taking their temperature, checking their documents and visually inspecting their physical condition. 

Cogesa Expats

Situation around Covid improved 

The Ministry of Health justifies this change by the improvement of the epidemiological situation of the pandemic. As a result, many Member States no longer require travellers from within the European Union to present Covid certificates, nor do they impose any other restrictions. 

In Spain, given the high vaccination coverage, which is above the EU average, and the favourable situation of the health system, ‘it is also considered appropriate to lift the travel restrictions for people from countries belonging to the European Union or Schengen States. 

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