Six new series from Spain that you must watch

by Lorraine Williamson
6 new series from Spain

Lovers of Spanish series have something to look forward to in the coming weeks.  Popular streaming services are now showing some new series from Spain. According to reviews, they are not only fun and exciting to watch, but also an ideal way to improve your Spanish.

In times of lockdowns, binge watching has practically become a hobby. Consequently, enthusiasts will be very pleased with the announcement of six new series from Spain in the coming weeks.

Sky rojo on Netflix 

This is the promising successor to the Spanish hit series La casa de papel. Also, according to the first Spanish reviews, Sky rojo is full of black humour, a lot of action and adrenaline. Furthermore, it resembles White Lines, the earlier crime series from the now well-known producer, Álex Pina.

Sky rojo tells the story of three women on the run from the owner of La Novias Club brothel and his accomplices. They want to escape life as prostitutes and go in search of freedom together. The first eight episodes of Sky rojo´s first season started on Netflix from March 19. However, according to insiders, there will be a second season with a further eight episodes. Miguel Ángel Silvestre from Velvet and Narcos also stars in this series.

Although everyone is mainly talking about Sky rojo, there are other new Spanish series from to watch out for in the coming weeks.

Libertad on Movistar + 

The Libertad series will be released on Movistar + on March 26. It is a historical drama set in the 19th century where a mother serving a 17-year prison sentence is suddenly pardoned. She leaves with her son, who was born in prision, on their way to freedom. Despite her acquittal, she is chased by bandits on behalf of a governor. Lovers of adventure films, westerns and betrayals will enjoy this.

Besos al aire on Disney + 

Also on March 26, Disney + will release Besos al aire. The Spanish series shows intersecting storylines with imprisonment and love as common subjects. It is one of the first in which the corona pandemic occurs and in which the first period of lockdowns is told in an emotional and romantic comedy.

La Templanza on Amazon Prime Video 

This is a romantic drama set at the end of the 19th century. Two worlds come together in this series. From the mining workers in Mexico to the exclusive society of London and from the slave trade in Cuba to the wineries in Jerez. This can be seen on Amazon Prime Video from March 26.

Alba on Atresplayer Premium 

From March 28, those with a subscription to Atresplayer can see the very moving series Alba. This is about the multiple rape of a young woman.  She wakes up on the beach after the crime and hardly remembers anything. Consequently, this woman has to fight to prove her innocence and goes to great lengths to find the culprites. Although it is fiction, the subject of sexual violence is unfortunately still topical and the series is therefore a “must see”.

Merlí: Sapere Aude on Movistar + 

The second and final season of this Spanish teen drama series can be seen on Movistar + from April 2. In a new semester, the students return to the lecture hall where, once again they take steps towards maturity and their own identity. A wonderful series about the life of young adults with a promising trailer. 

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