Selling your house in Spain?

by Lorraine Williamson
selling your house in Spain - Villa Nova

Numerous guides, blogs and websites are full of information about buying a property in Spain. Advice can be found everywhere. What do you know about selling your house in Spain? Where do you start and what must you take into account? 

Of course, “preparing yourself thoroughly” is the most heard advice when selling a property. Yet that is extra important in a country like Spain. Because, as is already well known, the real estate market in Spain functions very differently to that of the UK. Therefore, it is best to be guided by experienced professionals, well versed in the Spanish real estate market. 

Who are your potential buyers? 


selling your house in Spain - Villa Nova

Knowledge of the buyers market is also required. Who are your potential buyers? This can depend to a large extent on the location of your house and the type of house you own. One nationality may prefer an apartment close to the coast. Another may like to live in a modern house with lots of light. Whereas, another group could require a lot of outdoor space in the form of a terrace, patio or garden.

Where do you find the potential buyers? 

If you already know where your potential buyers are coming from, you also need to know where to find them. For example, if your home is on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, you can count dozens of nationalities among your target group. Therefore, focusing only on the British market would significantly reduce your target audience. Also, since the lockdown, there are many Spaniards searching for houses with more outdoor space. 

How do you reach potential buyers? 

Once you have an idea of ​​those buyers, you then need to know how to reach them. Simply hanging a “Se vende” sign on your home is unfortunately not enough. In addition, you still must determine the asking price. This must match the current market. It is not based on how much you originally paid for your home. 

Choose guidance from a professional 

For answers to these questions and to ensure you don’t overlook things that perhaps could cost you a lot of money, it is indispensable to engage a good sales broker. Moreover, the broker should have experience in the area where your home is located. Based on his/her knowledge, experience and professionalism, he/she will help you promote your Spanish property in the best possible way through the correct channels. In addition, help is provided with the entire viewings process as well as taking care of all necessary documents. And, most importantly, to find a suitable buyer as quickly as possible. 

Villa Nova Real Estate 

On the Costa del Sol, Villa Nova Real Estate is a specialised English-speaking sales broker to sell your Spanish property. Whether it is a house, finca, villa, apartment or semi-detached house, our attention to detail and customer care comes first. This company puts the client’s interests at the fore-front and picks up where many other real estate companies leave off. Your home is repeatedly brought to the attention of buyers through various channels to generate interest. Furthermore, Villa Nova Real Estate negotiates on your behalf to achieve the best price and conditions. 


selling your house in Spain - Villa Nova

Owner and founder Willem Bruins has been active in Andalucia and the Costa del Sol for more than 15 years. Together with his colleagues, he has been happy to assist many customers, buyers and sellers in the purchase and sales process. Not just from the UK, but also clients from the Netherlands, Belgium and other European countries.

Villa Nova Real Estate therefore takes many extra steps to bring your home to the attention of it’s future owners when you are selling your house in Spain; 

  • Participates in home fairs across the border 
  • Is affiliated with a professional Spanish real estate network 
  • Has an extensive network of potential buyers 
  • Makes a professional photoshoot of your real estate 
  • Use online and offline marketing 
  • Speaks clear language without fuss and is reliable and transparent 
  • Gives tips for an optimal presentation of your home during viewings 
  • Helps with all paperwork

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