Scooby, the largest animal shelter in Spain, sounds the alarm

by Lorraine Williamson

MEDINA DEL CAMPO – Especially Galgos and Podencos are used in Spain for hunting. When the hunting season is over, many hunters abandon the dogs to their fate. Fortunately, some organisations work day and night to save the animals and give them a new home. Scooby in Medina del Campo (Valladolid) is one such organisation.

The employees at Scooby save and protect animals and the environment only thanks to the donations of animal lovers and the efforts of volunteers. This year it was expected that fewer hunting dogs would come because less hare coursing was organised. There were fewer hares due to the contagious disease myxomatosis. Hare coursing uses dogs to chase, catch and kill hares. 

Scooby was therefore very surprised that there was no end to the number of abandoned galgos and podencos in January and February. And it’s not just Scooby who noticed. Animal shelters across Spain were overrun with these dogs. 

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Rescue missions 

Rescue trips were made from Medina to Andalucia, Extremadura, and one to Murcia. About 45 dogs were rescued on each mission. Closer to the shelter, in Medina, Zamora, and Palencia, there was constant dumping of dogs. Fortunately, they are all safe now. However, Scooby employees now face the next costly challenge: all these dogs must be dewormed, vaccinated, spayed, and cared for. Their quarters must be kept clean and the goal is to find new, loving homes for all of them. 

Cogesa Expats

High costs despite the efforts of volunteers 

Scooby owns a veterinary clinic and an animal hospital to care for all patients, but the costs are high. The basic cost per dog is already €177 (female) and €155 (male). The hope is always that every dog ​​stays with Scooby for as short a time as possible. In the first place for the dogs because they need a good new home as soon as possible. Secondly, because it cuts costs. Most of the work can be done thanks to volunteers. Yet there are many other costs, such as gasoline for the rescue missions, internet, medicines, and other overheads. In addition, the electricity bill alone is €2,000 per month. 

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Oddly enough, Scooby receives money from the municipality for other dog species. However, they get nothing for galgos and podencos. If Scooby does not get more money soon, the overcrowded shelter threatens to close. 

From the shelter and its employees, there is of course a lot of understanding for the fact that people are now turning their attention to Ukraine and the people and animals there, or are themselves in trouble as a result of the extremely increased prices. Yet they hope that there are people who will spare some money for their crazy, cheerful, good-hearted, but abandoned galgos and all other sheltered animals. 

How can you help Scooby? 

If you want to help you can do so by donating something every month. You can sponsor a vet or a team member who cleans the kennel or feeds the dogs. Moreover, it is possible to adopt an animal! Spread the word! Also with friends, colleagues, or acquaintances and via your social media! To find out more, and learn how you can help follow Scooby on Facebook. Scooby’s dogs need your help! 

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