Gold vibrators worth 80,000 euros stolen in Seville

by Lorraine Williamson
gold vibrator

CARMONA – The Guardia Civil in Seville is investigating the theft of seven gold vibrators with a value of up to €17,000 each. The gold-lined dildos were stolen from the vault of one of the largest distributors of erotic toys. 

The warehouse, from which the material was allegedly stolen on Wednesday night, belongs to the company Dreamlove. The company is located in the municipality of Carmona in Seville. This has been confirmed by the Guardia Civil of Seville to the ABC newspaper. 

Three thieves in balaclavas took seven vibrators. They had market values ranging between €17,000 euros for those lined with 24-carat gold and €2,000 for the steel variant. 

In addition, the thieves took the money that was in the safe at the time, which was around €25,000. In total, it concerns a haul of around €80,000 between the stolen sex toys and cash. However, the dildos are “very rare and easy to identify,” according to the company. 

Power supply cut off 

According to the initial investigations, the thieves cut off the power supply to the lampposts at Dreamlove’s warehouse minutes before midnight to darken the street. This was the moment they used to gain access to the interior of the warehouse. 

The job was done in half an hour 

According to the footage from the security cameras owned by the Guardia Civil of Carmona, which has taken charge of the investigation, the break-in took place at 11.41 pm. At that time, three people in balaclavas arrived at the main entrance, destroyed it, and searched the entire 6,000-square-foot warehouse until they found the administrative office. There, they managed to find the safe. The attackers spent less than half an hour in Dreamlove’s headquarters, while three other people watched in a second car. 

Burglary “set up very professionally” 

Guardia Civil sources point out the thieves probably didn’t know they would find a fortune in dildos as well as cash. However, they are convinced the attackers belong to an organised group since the burglary was “set up very professionally”. The detectives believe the modus operandi is by the same group that has robbed companies on this industrial estate twice before. The same sources have informed ABC that no declaration has yet been made by the owners of this company. 


This erotic toy wholesaler sells its products to professionals, consultancy firms, Tuppersexz and Dropshipping, according to its website. The company offers a range of about 20,000 articles. 

The company’s owner and CEO, Mario Romero Molina, explained to La Voz de Galicia that Dreamlove is the only company in Europe that had a “significant stock” of gold vibrators. Its high price makes it a “risky investment”. However, Dreamlove chose to stock these items, especially for a certain luxury market that exists in Marbella and Paris. 


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