Emergency aid Madrid strike immediately due to insufficient staff

by Lorraine Williamson
emergency aid staff strike in Madrid

From November 7, doctors and nurses from the emergency aid room in Madrid are on indefinite strike. Unions are calling on their staff to oppose the regional government’s plans to reopen first aid stations without sufficient staff. 

The doctors’ union Amyts sees no other option to make it clear to the regional government that the reopening of the emergency rooms in Madrid cannot be carried out according to plan. At the end of October, Madrid Regional President Ayuso announced the reopening of emergency rooms in Madrid. These had been closed during the corona pandemic. 

Ayuso then reported that several centres would be open 24/7 while other emergency services would operate until 5.00 pm. In this way, the emergency department could continue to serve all residents of Madrid. 

Plan to reopen first aid in Madrid is disappointing 

Since the announcement of the reopening of the emergency services, nearly 60% of staff have called in sick. Ayuso accuses these people of boycotting the plans and of deliberately creating victims by calling in sick. The Madrid healthcare staff, on the other hand, feels insulted by the regional president for pushing plans through. Especially while it is clear that the resources, mainly sufficient staff, are not available. 

ASSSA - health insurance in Spain

Staff call in sick en masse and managers resign 

In August Amyts wrote a letter to the regional government that the situation in various hospitals and emergency services is very bad due to shortages of medical personnel. In addition to the sick reports of healthcare personnel, many managers of various primary care services in the Madrid healthcare system have also resigned in the recent period. 

Desolate situation at emergency first aid in Madrid 

Since the announcement of the reopening of the emergency room in Madrid, it has been a desolate situation. This is according to several health care workers. Many centres are closed again due to staff shortages. Whereas other centres are open but with incomplete teams or departments that are not or barely clean enough to receive and treat patients. In the centres that are open, staff regularly have to deal with unsafe situations because queues get too long or because the right care cannot be provided. 

Mass strikes and demonstrations planned in Madrid 

As mentioned, the emergency room strike, which was declared by Amyts, will start today at 3.00 pm and will be in effect indefinitely. On November 13, a large demonstration of healthcare personnel from first aid services is planned in four places in Madrid. The medical unions SUMMAT and MATS will also declare strikes for their staff between 11 and 13 November. 

This morning, regional president Ayuso announced that she wants to meet with medical staff this week to find solutions together. 

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