Cruces de Mayo festival

by Lorraine Williamson
Cruces de mayo -

As the temperature begins to rise and the flowers start to bloom, the month of May in Spain marks the celebration of “Cruces de Mayo”. This festival is celebrated throughout the country, but it holds a special significance in Andalucia, where the streets come alive with vibrant colours, music, and dance.

Cruces de Mayo, or May Crosses, is a traditional Spanish festival that takes place during the first week of May. The festival marks the arrival of spring and is celebrated by decorating crosses with flowers, lights, and other decorations. The celebration is an important part of the Spanish culture and is a great opportunity for visitors to experience the country’s unique traditions.

Although the 3rd is the day designated for this celebration, in many localities it is celebrated during the weekends, or even throughout the month.

During the festival, you can find decorated crosses in public places, including plazas, parks, and courtyards. These crosses are often adorned with flowers, lights, and other decorative elements. The festival is celebrated with music, dance, and food, making it a perfect time to explore the local culture and traditions.

Experience Cruces de Mayo

One of the best places to experience the Cruces de Mayo festival is in Cordoba. This charming city is known for its beautiful patios, and during the festival, many of these patios are adorned with beautiful crosses. The streets are also filled with live music, traditional dancing, and delicious food.

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Another great place to experience the festival is in Seville, where the streets are decorated with stunning crosses made of flowers and lights. The city comes alive with music and dancing, and you can taste some of the best local delicacies in the food stalls that line the streets.

Or, if you’re looking for a more traditional experience, head to Granada, where the festival is celebrated in a more intimate setting. Here, you can find decorated crosses in the courtyards of private homes, and the festival is celebrated with traditional music, dance, and tasty food. Here the celebrations finish at midnight tonight!

In conclusion, Cruces de Mayo is an beautiful festival that celebrates the arrival of spring in Spain. It’s a great opportunity for visitors to experience the country’s unique traditions and culture.

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