Big ‘no’ to European Super League

by Lorraine Williamson
The Super League

FOOTBALL – The idea of ​​top clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal and Liverpool being part of a Super League, the football world shook to its foundations. However, after the most recent events, it now seems nothing more than a fantasy.

The owners of several European top clubs recently came up with the idea of ​​establishing a Super League from the 2021/2022 season. Meaning only the largest football clubs in Europe play against each other. However, that announcement was met with a lot of criticism from the entire football world and the fans. 

What is the Super League? 

The Super League is a competition in which top European clubs play against each other. The League would consist of Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Atlético Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus. 

These twelve clubs call themselves the “Founding Clubs”. Later, a further three Founding Clubs would be announced. These fifteen Founding Clubs are guaranteed a place in the Super League every year. In addition, five more clubs can qualify for the competition each season through results achieved in their own national league. 

“Super League one big money machine” 

The idea of a Super League was opposed within the football world and by the fans. Because these big clubs are choosing purely for themselves and thus undermining the basic principle of solidarity in the sport. The income for these top clubs will be even higher than they are receiving now. Large investors and TV channels will find this League very attractive and will pay more to see these clubs play against each other. The small clubs that fall outside this League, on the other hand, will earn less because the top clubs no longer participate. 

Latest developments place bomb under the new League 

Major clubs such as Real Madrid and FC Barcelona insist that there must be a Super League. However, the project seems to be up in the air. Moreover, many football clubs, including 39 clubs from La Liga league have signed an agreement against its arrival. It was also announced on Friday morning that the main financier JP Morgan has withdrawn. 

“It is clear that we have misjudged how this deal would fall in the broad football community and what impact it would all have on this community. We will learn from this, ”a JPMorgan spokesperson told The New York Times

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