Again a wildfire in Mijas in southern Spain

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wildfire mijas

MIJAS – Smoke filled the air on the Costa del Sol again. A car fire on the AP7 at km 203 in the municipality of Mijas (Málaga) caused a wildfire in Mijas near Entrerrios on Sunday afternoon just after five o’clock.

Around 6 pm, the Traffic Police closed the right lane to traffic. Infoca reported that 6 helicopters and two fire-fighting planes were deployed. Under the hashtag #IFMijas on Twitter, Infoca writes: “Update 1 Super Puma (K-70), 2 helicopters (L-7, M-7), 1 Gremaf command helicopter (H-4), 2 Kamov (KZ-0, K -4), 1 aircraft (ACO4), 2 cargo aircraft on the ground (T-4, T-7), 1 Foca, 3 #TOP, 2 #brica, 80 ground troops, 3 fire trucks, 1 UNASIF, 1 UMIF and 1 # AAM”

It is the fourth wildfire in Málaga province this week after the fires that broke out in Algatocín, Cómpeta and Cortes de la Frontera on Saturday. The firefighters could control the last one five hours after it broke out.

Wildfire Mijas

Just a week ago, the nearby Sierra de Mijas was on fire. The flames destroyed an area of ​​almost 3,000 hectares here. In particular, the fire blackened the northern flanks of the mountains where the municipalities of Alhaurín el Grande and Alhaurín de la Torre are located. Almost 3,000 residents had to leave their homes out of precaution.

Cogesa Expats

At 7.20 pm thanks to a quick action Infoca could declare the fire under control. Air resources continue to monitor to prevent any resurgence.

AEMET warned for this Sunday of the extreme risk of wild fires in practically the whole of Spain. Authorities, therefore, demand extreme precaution.

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