10,000 refugees from Ukraine now protected status in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
Ukraine refugees

Since the war between Ukraine and Russia, some 25,000 refugees have arrived in Spain. BiZa writes that Spain has now granted protected status to 10,000 of them. Consequently, this means they will immediately receive a residence and work permit. 

In concrete terms, granting protected status means that Spain grants refugees a residence permit almost immediately. Furthermore, the adults receive a work permit. In addition, everyone involved will have immediate access to health care, education, and financial aid. 

On Monday, Spain crossed the limit of 10,000 protected statuses 

According to the data from the Ministry of the Interior, the limit of 10,000 applications for protected status in Spain was crossed on Monday, March 21. Therefore, people fleeing the threat from Russia can apply for this protection in police stations and shelters. Madrid (2,751), Valencia (1,788), Catalonia (1,252), and Andalucia (1,206) are the Spanish regions where the most applications for protection have been granted. 

How do these procedures work in Spain? 

Since 2004, refugee status and the granting of protected status have been regulated in various legislations within the European Union. Such status can be applied for by Ukrainian residents who are in Spain and cannot return due to the invasion. The same goes for their families. 

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An application for protection is processed by the Asylum and Refugee Office, part of the Interior. Such a request will be processed within 24 hours at the latest. Protected status is initially granted for one year, which can be extended for another two years. 

How many Ukrainian refugees will come? 

According to the latest United Nations figures, 3.5 million people have already fled Ukraine. Minister Escrivá of Inclusion and Migration told the Spanish news site RTVE.es on Monday that there are currently about 25,000 Ukrainian refugees in Spain. 

European agencies are trying to estimate how many people will eventually flee their country. Currently, the UN takes into account about 10 million people who need (temporary) residence in other countries. Moreover, for Spain, it is estimated that the country will receive around 350,000 refugees. 

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